Is Yo Gotti In Trouble? What's Going On In Aftermath Of Big Jook's Murder?

Is Yo Gotti In Trouble? What's Going On In Aftermath Of Big Jook's Murder?

Posted on January 14, 2023.

First if all, RIP Big Jook.

Alright, let’s dive into it. We’re talking about Yo Gotti and the mess of events surrounding a recent funeral and its aftermath. The streets are buzzing with theories, but let’s break it down, keeping it real and respectful. I certainly do not want any problems.

There was a funeral and Yo Gotti jetted off right after the funeral. People want to know why he didn’t stick around for the repast. Let’s clear the air: it was the snow. Yeah, you heard that right. Memphis was about to get hit with some serious weather, threatening to ground flights. So Gotti had to make a move back to Atlanta pronto. Before you jump on the conspiracy train, know this: it was all about dodging the snowstorm—not something more sinister, according to my clandestine sources.

Yo Gotti is a boss and his connections to the streets have always been a hot topic. It’s said that the real-life experiences Big Jook inspired much of Gotti’s music. These are the guys who reportedly bankrolled Gotti’s rise in the music scene with CMG.

Yo Gotti’s Brother Big Jook Fatally Shot Outside Memphis Restaurant After Leaving Funeral

But it gets deeper. It is a somber scene at the funeral, people mourning, but there are some dudes chilling in the back. These guys, they leave early, wait in their car, and then – chaos. Shots fired at a restaurant afterwards, Big Jook and his mom get caught in the crossfire. Yo Gotti’s mom narrowly escapes injury. This is some serious street drama unfolding, and the cops are all over it!

Here’s where the streets start whispering. Some say Big Jook was targeted in relationship to a long-running beef Young Dolph. The word is Big Jook was on the verge of being nailed for conspiracy in that case. There is a lot more to say, but I will chill and leave this video for you see:

As for Yo Gotti, the streets seem clear, but I would not expect to see him taking any risks. He’s not the type to get his hands dirty in this. He knows the stakes are too high, and any wrong move could land him behind bars. I am sure of this.

This whole saga is a grim reminder of the harsh realities of life. We are moving like the mob, but this ain’t the 60s, 70s, 80s or 90s. Big Jook was a man of tremendous influence and it could be said that he should’ve been more cautious. And more protected. There are always dangers lurking in the shadows with this life. If Gotti had been with Jook who knows what might have happened! Pray for peace.

This is where the lines between rap lyrics and real-life drama blur like a man that wears bifocals. Stay tuned, stay safe. Memphis, please chill!


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