Murda Man

Murda Man with the alter ego Black November, known to many as "Murda", is a trap soul singer/ hip hop artist known for his raw-street lyrics, witty wordplay, and for bringing that singing and R&B flavor to hip hop.

Born and raised out of Charlotte, North Carolina by a single mother, Murda Man's music was inspired by his very own mother and it speaks to all the single mothers and broken relationships around the world. He describes it simply as an emotional roller coaster, perfectly capturing the up and down feeling between love and pain.

Herukhuti Ausar, CEO of Money Over Death explains how he felt when he first heard of Murda Man. "I've never heard a young man sound so authentic, relatable and passionate as Murda Man". 

Herukhuti adds, "Once I heard his musical style, a style that reminds me of the gritty but soulful sound of rapper MO3, I immediately decided that the world needed to hear Murda Man".

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